The "MOHOREČ" inn got its name by the nearby village MOHOREČI. On this spot, there was a little church of Saint Hermagoras and Fortunatus built many years ago. Even today one can see the remains of this church in the form of the stone head statue the locals call Saint Hermagoras. The time of the making of the statue is not well known and neither is the purpose of this coarsely treated stone statue. According to some assessments it was made in the Middle Ages or even in the time of Early Christianity. The statue is now placed at the courtyard of the MOHOREČI village.

The “MOHOREČI” inn is located 200 meters from the MOHOREČI village. It is located in the pine woods, close to the regional road Bertoki – Sv. Anton – Gračišče … This is the path also used by the Saurin women (Šavrinke) – eggwomen who transported eggs and other home products on donkeys or their heads from Istria to Trieste.

There are also other paths passing the "MOHOREČ" inn. There is the Alpine transversal of the coastal region. Also passing are the Rižana – Mohoreči – Kubed walking path, the cycling recreational path and horse riding path.